Thing “13” Conference

K12 Learning 2.0:  Tools for 21st Century Teaching & Learning

THING “Thirteen” (Session Six) :

Task:  Attend a “21st Century” Online Conference . . .

OK, the K12 Online Conference I attended was Classroom 2.0 – Workshop on Building a Web 2.0 Classroom (2007) – Drew Murphy’s wiki is here.

Was it worthwhile? 
Definitely.  The site organized the basic information and tools associated with the presentation.  By collecting these things into one place, it helped evaluate the presentation prior to actually viewing by seeing many of the tools and elements used.

Did you learn anything new? 
Yes.  As I was watching the workshop, I was impressed with the tools used to convey the content.  I also appreciated the basic approach in teaching new users to the Web 10 essential skills.  Briefly, it was broken down into 3 phases

Phase One, Explore and Participate, instructs users to learn about tabbing and windowing, simple bookmarking, signing up on a site and logging into it and, finally, leaving a comment or review at any site on the web.

Phase Two, Deconstruct and Reconstruct, teaches users how to cut and paste, emphasize and align and, finally, images and uploading.

Phase Three, Connect and Create, shows users about linking, slideshows and embedding.

It was stressed that all users need to have these 10 essential skills if they wish to move forward in the Web 2.0 experience.

Did you find value in the online, anytime delivery option for professional development? 
Yes.  The time flexibility ingredient allows anyone to visit and listen to any of the conferences at their convenience.
Is there anything from the session you might use in your classroom or professional learning? 
Yes, the idea that some things are best done in a traditional class and some things are best done online.  The things that we do best in the classroom, let’s continue to do them and improve on them.  At the same time, we should strive to utilize online tools for the things we wish to do with teachers and students that would be best accomplished though using method.  Students may feel more open to express their thoughts in an online setting as opposed to a traditional classroom setting.  Always seek to utilize the best tool for what we are trying to accomplish.

The workshop was very informative and practical.  I enjoyed the section that covered why teachers should use Web 2.0 Tools in the classroom. 
1.  It saves teachers time. 
2.  It provides effective relevant lesson options. 
3.  It enhances class interaction. 
4.  It improves student behavior. 
5.  It makes teaching more rewarding.

Drew Murphy is an excellent educator and speaker and I love his “other” personalities that he uses to keep content fun and interesting for his students.  You have to visit just to see Mr. Kababolous!!

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